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The official name of Sierra Leone is the Republic of Sierra Leone, with its capital city Freetown. It is situated on the West Coast of Africa, latitudes 7° and 10° North of the equator and longitudes 10.50° and 13° West. It is bordered on the North and North East by the Republic of Guinea, on the East and Southeast by Liberia and on the West and South by the Atlantic Ocean with a coastline stretching some 300 miles

The country has a total area of 71,740 square kilometers (27,699 square miles), divided into a land area of 71,620 square kilometers and water of 120 square kilometers. The country has four distinct geographical regions. In eastern Sierra Leone is the interior region of large plateaus interspersed with high mountains, with the highest point being Mount Bintumani that is 1,948 meters (6,390 ft) above sea level. The next region is the south region were the upper part of the drainage basin of the Moa River is located. In the central part of the country is the lowland plain region. It contains forests, bushes and farmland that occupy about 43% of Sierra Leone’s land area. The fourth region is the coastline. The coastline stretches about 300 miles, giving it both bountiful marine resources and attractive tourist potential. Within this area are low-lying mangrove swamps, rain-forested plains and farmland. The nations capital Freetown sits on this coastal peninsula, situated next to the Sierra Leone Harbor, the world’s third largest natural harbour.