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The offices of the Consulate and Trade Commission opened on 1/8/2012

H. Consul General Aron Wakil received his Letter of Commission from the Honourable Joseph Bandabla Dauda The minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of The Republic of Sierra Leone, on February 28, 2012 with jurisdiction throughout Australia.

In accordance with Article 12 of the Vienna Convention on consular Relation, The Australian department of Foreign Affairs and Trade approved Mr Aron Wakil’s appointment on the 23rd of February, 2012.

In the morning, Her Excellency the Administrator received Mr Ron Wakil, Honorary Consul-General and Trade Commissioner of the Republic of Sierra Leone, and Mrs Wakil, at Government House.

Following, Her Excellency officially opened St Vincent’s Private Hospital Young Adults Private Mental Health Unit, on behalf of St Vincent’s and Mater Health Sydney, at the O’Brien Centre, Darlinghurst.

Afterwards, Her Excellency signed the condolence book for the Late King of Tonga, His Majesty George Tupou V, at the Consulate-General of the Kingdom of Tonga.

Her excellency the Governor General of New South Wales Professor Marie Bashir with the SL CG Mr  Aron Wakil in the opening of the Commonwealth Countries Exhibition in parliament house.

Mr Wakil attended Sierra Leone’s 51st independence day conference Sydney in may 2012 where he was introduced to the community and delivered his first message in his newly appointed position.

Below is an extract from Mr Wakil’s speech to the national conference.

My name is Aron Wakil and I am the newly appointed Consul General and Trade Commissioner of the Republic of Sierra Leone in Australia. Please let me say how grateful I am to be invited to your Annual Conference and to have the opportunity to meet many of you personally.

As Consul General of Sierra Leone, it gives me much pleasure to learn how well the community has adjusted and integrated into Australian society.

That is without a doubt a credit to the community leaders and elders, past and present who worked tirelessly for the good of our people in this wonderful country. I know from my own experience that much of this work is never recognized and seldom appreciated. I am here today to acknowledge their tremendous efforts and to say thank you!!

You, the chosen representative members of the Sierra Leone communities in Australia are doing just that. Helping the integration in every aspect into the Australian community but keeping the connection with the home country.

To that end the Government of Sierra Leone has appointed me to do a job. The mission I have chosen for my Consulate is “to advance the interests of Sierra Leone and its people” a few simple words but a big task.

I will work on two fronts; one to improve, strengthen and elevate the bi-lateral ties between Australia and Sierra Leone. The other will be to prompt, encourage and increase trade and investments in Sierra Leone by Australian individuals and companies.

Currently there are only two Australian companies with major investments in Sierra Leone, It is my intention to increase that significantly. Our people in Sierra Leone are making great progress and will welcome with open arms Australian individuals and companies and everyone of you who wish to invest in Sierra Leone’s future. I have visited Sierra Leone twice in the past five months and I was overcome by the friendliness and warmth of its people.

We Australians are investors with social responsibilities and conscience. By making successful investments in Sierra Leone we ensure that this success filters down and improves the lives of our people in Sierra Leone.

I intend to have the Consulate offices open in July this year. It is in the heart of the Central Business District of Sydney surrounded by many other major Consulates and Trade Commissioners from all over the world along with the NSW Offices of  the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The Consulate of Sierra Leone in Australia will stand as equal between all of the other Nations’ Consulates large and Small.

Dear friends you have been asking for so many years for Sierra Leone Government official representation in Australia. This is now a reality.

It is a credit to your work and persistence. Please continue your wonderful work; keep our community united; we may be different in many ways and have strong diverse opinions about many matters. Please always remember that by being united, we here in Australia will make a bigger positive impact on the lives of our people in Sierra Leone.

It is with pride that I represent the Republic of Sierra Leone in Australia and I am honoured and humbled by the trust the Government and the President has shown in me.

I am fully aware of the great challenges ahead but I am absolutely determined to succeed.

I hope that each one of you will allow me to call on you when need be, and seek your support, knowledge and experience to achieve our common goal.

The Consulate

The Consulate was opened as planned on the 1st august 2012 and is responsible to protect and promote the interests of Sierra Leone in Australia.

The Consulate will aim to reach out to the general public in Australia through information and cultural programming . It will follow important political and economic development in Australia and maintain contacts and liaise with State and Federal Government officials.

The Consulate will look to coordinate closely with the Australian government in Canberra on Trade promotion matters and will look to identify and encourage companies and individuals interested in Trade and investments in Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone Presents Potential

Opportunities exist in the following areas: Airport/ports and Harbour, Franchise, Hotel/Hospitality supply, Tourism, Air Condition and Refrigeration, Construction and Building trades, Food processing, and packaging, Agriculture, Industrial Equipment and Financial Services.

Ron Wakil

South Korea and Sierra Leone Consul General to Australia Mr Whie Jin Lee and Mr Aron Wakil at the South Korea national day 2013.

Ron Wakil

Mrs Kyung Hee Lee welcoming Mr Aron Wakil

Ron Wakil

Canada Consul General to Australia Mr Mario Ste-Marie, the H. Consul General of Sierra Leone to Australia Aron Wakil and South Korea Consul General Mr Whie Jin Lee celebrating South Korea national day.

Polish Consul General Regina Jurkowska and Aron Wakil

Greek Consul General Dr.Stavros Kyrimis and Aron Wakil

Polish and Sierra Leone Consul General on USA Independence Day